People behind Computational Science


People Research Areas Institution
Prof. Dr. U. Achatz Dynamics of Atmosphere and Climate Geoscience
Prof. Dr. B. Ahrens Meteorology, Climate Modelling Geoscience
Prof. Dr. M. Bleicher Microscopic Simulation of Heavy-Ion Collisions, Microscopic Black Holes, Gravitons, Cosmic Rays Physics
Prof. Dr. U. Brinkschulte Embedded Systems Computer Science
apl. Prof. Dr. E. Engel Density Functional Theory, Pseudopotentials CSC
Prof. Dr. C. Greiner Equation of State for Hot and Dense Nuclear Matter, Dynamics of Quantum Field Theories in Non-Equilibrium, Relativistic Heavy-Ion Physics Physics
Prof. Dr. Th. Gerstner Computational Math Finance Mathematics
Prof. Dr. C. Gros High-Temperature Superconductivity, Modelling of Associative Thought-Processes Physics
Prof. Dr. L. Hedrich Design Methodology Computer Science
Prof. Dr. W. Hofstetter Quantum phases in ultracold atoms Physics
Prof. Dr. P. Kloeden Numerics of dynamical and controlled systems, Nonautonomous dynamics and time-scales, Stochastical differential equations Mathematics
Prof. Dr. D. Krömker Visualization Computer Science
Prof. Dr. V. Lindenstruth Architecture of high performance computers Computer Science
Prof. Dr. H. J. Lüdde Atomic Collision Theory Physics
Dr. P. Malzacher Hard- and Software environments for analysis and simulation of experiments in nuclear and high-energy physics Head of Scientific Computing Group, GSI, Darmstadt
Prof. Dr. J. Maruhn Ultrarelativistic Heavy Ion collisions (HYDRO), Heavy Ion Inertial Confinement Fusion, Nuclear Structure Physics
Prof. Dr. U. Meyer Algorithm Engineering Computer Science
Prof. Dr. O. Philipsen Quantum field theory Physics
JProf. Dr. G. Queisser Computational Neuroscience Computer Science
Dr. J. Reinhardt Quantum electrodynamics of strong fields, atomic excitation processes, meson field theory for nuclei Physics
Prof. Dr. D.-H. Rischke Color Superconductivity, Chiral Field Theory, Heavy Ion Phenomenology Physics
Dr. C. A. Rothkopf Computational Neuroscience, Vision FIAS
Prof. Dr. H. Schmeling Geodynamics and physics of melting processes Geoscience
Prof. Dr. G. Schnitger Complexity of Communication, Neural Networks, Approximative Algorithms, Complexity of Formal Languages Computer Science
Prof. Dr. S. Schramm Lattice Simulations, Phenomenological QCD, Chiral Models of Nuclear Matter, Lepton-Nucleus Scattering, Nuclear Astrophysics CSC
Prof. Dr. H. Schwalbe Chemical & Structural Biology, Organic Synthesis, NMR Methodology Chemistry
Prof. Dr. A. Solov'yov Theory of atoms, (bio)molecules and clusters, nano- and mesoscopic systems FIAS
Prof. Dr. H. Stöcker Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions and The Nuclear Equation of State, Superheavy Nuclei, Hydrodynamics, Chiral Symmetry and Strange Matter, Quark-Gluon-Plasma, Cosmic Rays Physics
Prof. Dr. J. Triesch Cognitive science, Neural computation FIAS
Prof. Dr. M.-R. Valenti Strongly correlated low dimensional electron systems Physics
JProf. Dr. M. Wagner Lattice Gauge theory Physics
Prof. Dr. B. Winkler Computational Mineralogy Geoscience
Prof. Dr. G. Wittum Simulation and Modelling Computer Science

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