Forms for Computational Science


1) For Students: Registration Forms

Basic Registration for Master Examination admission to master examination
Generic registration form for any exam please fill in details yourself
Specialization I Module Examination: Homework
Specialization III Module Examination
Seminar Module Examination
Master Thesis Master Thesis

2) For Lecturers: Examination Forms
(please replace prototype course titles and dates in forms by appropriate entries)

Regular Attendance (of tutorial)
Regular and Successful Attendance (of tutorial)
Written Examination Numerical Methods I
Written Examination Numerical Methods II
Written Examination Computing I
Written Examination Computing II
Oral Examination Computing I
Oral Examination Computing II
Oral Examination (generic form)
Module Examination Specialization I (Homework)
Oral Examination Specialization II
Module Examination Specialization III
Seminar Presentation
Master Thesis

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