Application Procedure for the Master's Program Computational Science


From December 1, 2011, on all applications have to be submitted via Uni-Assist. Please go to the web site

in order to proceed with your application (see also here).

For the application in particular the following documents are required (the transcript(s) of records, the degree certificate(s) and the DSH score have to be notarized!):

If the Bachelor's Certificate and the corresponding Certificate of Examination are not yet available to a candidate prior to the deadline for application (see below), these documents may be sent in after the deadline. In this case a provisional decision on admission, based on the remaining documents, will be made by the Examinations Board. The decision will be confirmed upon receipt of the Bachelor's Certificate and Certificate of Examination, if the overall grade achieved is the same as (or better than) the average grade extracted from the transcript of records which was enclosed in the initial application.
The same applies to the DSH score.

The decision on admission will be made within 8 weeks after arrival of the paper-based application. Candidates are informed about admission immediately after the decision has been made.

The deadline for application for admission to the Winter Semester 2012/13 is: July 15, 2012

We strongly recommend international (non-EU) students to send their applications no later than May 15, 2012, so that there is sufficient time for processing of visa after admission!

Students from Mainland China please note: Eventually all application documents have to be verified by the Academic Verification Office (Akademische Prüfstelle - APS) of the German Embassy in China (for details of this procedure see Passing this procedure is prerequisite to enrollment at any public German university. However, it is sufficient to pass this verification procedure after(!) a (provisional) admission to the Master's program Computational Science (both procedures are completely independent, i.e. provisional admission does not imply that the result of the verification procedure will be positive). Chinese students may therefore send their application documents to Uni-Assist before verification by the APS. The decision on admission by the Examinations Board will then be provisional. After provisional admission students have to apply for verification of their documents by the APS. Once their documents have been verified, students have to send the corresponding statement of the APS to Goethe University. The decision on admission to the Master's program will be confirmed upon receipt. This procedure does only apply to students who studied at a university in Mainland China, not to students from Hong Kong universities.

For further information please send email to or contact the program coordinator.

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